45 Good US History Research Topics for Your Papers

Academic studies have many disciplines different students specialize in. While some students are passionate about science-related disciplines, some love history as they learn about past experiences. So, if you are a student who enjoys every aspect to do with history at large, keep reading as we will explore several American history topics, and how to get interesting history topics to research, among other elements.

History paper ideas: how to determine the best US history topics to write about

Of course, getting the best topics for history research paper ideas requires you to think first before settling on any topic that comes your way. So, when searching for interesting American history topics for your research project, use the following approaches before deciding on any topic:

  1. Determine your interests

Start by thinking of American history, then determine where your interest lies. For instance, is it the war? Is it all about women, or is it about cultural practices? Well, whatever your interest is, determine the era, narrow down the topic and start from there.

  1. Do some narrow research

Here you want to get an overview of American history before you decide on the topic. So, do simple research based on the events, social happenings, different approaches to things, or if it is all about gender-based research.

  1. Determine research materials availability

Of course, before settling on any given US history topics to write about, ask yourself, will I get enough materials for this particular topic? The sources will help you generate a well-crafted paper with evidence.

Interesting American history topics

The following are some of the best topics for history research paper you can consider during your next research project.

Top American history research paper topics for college students

  1. The effect of the Bracero Program on the Americans.
  2. What caused Missouri Compromise, and what was the effect?
  3. How did Black Panthers come into being?
  4. Explain the cause of the Red Scare.
  5. Explain the Justification of the Boston Tea Party.
  6. What led to the 1780’s economic recession?
  7. How did Railroads development impact Industrial Revolution?

Early American history topics

  1. Explain yellow journalism in relation to Spanish American war.
  2. The effect of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.
  3. Explain the role of the Media in bringing down Boss Tweed.
  4. What was the Military role of women in World War II?
  5. Explain how the new deal brought America out of depression.

Good US history research topics

  1. Slavery in the United States of America.
  2. How did the founding fathers shape the American culture?
  3. What is your understanding of US elections Events?
  4. What caused the civil war in the USA?
  5. America’s WWI Terror Trophies.
  6. American revolution and social conflicts.

Best history topics after 1877

  1. Describe the rise and reconstruction of Jim Crow
  2. How did the USA enter into WWI?
  3. What was the rise of Industrial America like?
  4. The revolution of Mexican and the United States
  5. What were the USA policies in Central America and the Caribbean?
  6. John Muir’s contribution to the National Park Movement
  7. The contribution of African Americans in the civil war

Top interesting topics in US history

  1. The impact of the Gold Rush on California’s development.
  2. The role of Thomas Paine in America’s Revolution.
  3. The Causes and Effects of the Mexican War.
  4. Philosophical, social, and economic factors led to the formation of Labor unions in 1800.
  5. The impact of Dred Scott’s Decision on Slavery Matters.
  6. Explain why Mormons Experienced opposition in Illinois.

Best research paper topics American history before 1877

  1. Positive and Negative impacts of Transcontinental Railroad
  2. The impact of the Silver Rush on the West
  3. Explain how the USA Justified and achieved the Manifest Destiny
  4. The role of the cowboy in the culture of the West
  5. How Mormons Overcame all their challenges
  6. Impact of Canal and road Development on the growth of development in some parts of the US
  7. Texas Revolution: The role of the Alamo

Best WWII topics for research paper

  1. The impact of WWII on racial in the USA
  2. What were the long-term effects of WWII?
  3. What is your understanding of the Battle of the Bulge during WWII?
  4. A comparative analysis between the Iraq war and WWII.
  5. How was Black Immigration affected by WWII?
  6. The state of crime rates during WWII.
  7. What innovations came up during WWII?


Are you a student specializing in history as a discipline? Well, there is a wide range of topics you can choose from. Make this guide an option whenever tasked with history assignments.

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