Nursing Research Papers: Writing Guide & 35 Sample Topics

Are you a student specializing in a healthcare-related discipline? Well, the chances are that you might have come across different nursing research papers as you study different research topics and tips to help you write the best papers on the healthcare subjects.

Nursing is among the most demanding careers, and it is also among the complex subjects with complex topics that require adequate skills to handle research topics. As part of your study course requirements, you will need to submit several nursing assignments such as essays, thesis, and reports. That is why you should equip yourself with good nursing research topics to stay prepared always.

Professional nurses must have communication, organization, and time management skills to help them while in the line of duty. That is why nursing students write many research papers to learn all these skills and apply them in their future careers. Besides, good communication is a significant requirement for all nurses as it aids in effective communication with the patients.

How to write a nursing research paper: nursing research paper outline

Like any other academic research paper, nursing research papers are used to weigh the understanding level of students on a given concept. The topic can come in the form of an analytical, expository, or argumentative research paper. Since this is an academic paper, it should have a clear structure, including the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion section.

Note: before writing the final paper for submission, you will need to write a nursing research paper outline that will guide you throughout the whole paper.

Simply put, a research paper outline is a draft representation of what you will include in the final paper before submitting it for checking. The following is the overall structure of a nursing research paper:

  • The title page

Here, you need to include the title of the paper, your name as a writer, your affiliations as a writer, and the contact information of the writer.

  • Abstract

This is the overall summary of the entire paper.

  • The introduction

This information briefs the reader on what your paper is all about.

  • Literature review

This section explains the technical aspect of your topic as written by other authors.

  • Research methodology

This section explains the methods used in your research, qualitative research in nursing methods, the procedures, and other related questions.

  • Results and discussions

Whether you are doing applied nursing research or any nursing research paper, you will present your findings under this section. Every result should have a clear explanation for the reader to understand well.

  • Conclusions and recommendations

This is simply a summary of all the ideas you have included in the research paper.

  • References

Of course, you need to add a reference section of the sources where you got your points based on the required citations.

Research topics for nursing students

The following are some of the best topics nursing students can consider.

Critical care nursing research topics

  1. The role of nurses in the healing process of critically ill patients
  2. Why is setting the alarm for critically ill patients significant?
  3. Should visitation be allowed in critical care units?
  4. Top challenges nurses face while handling critically ill patients.
  5. The emotional state of critical care nurses

Health care research questions

  1. Discuss mental disabilities in patients
  2. What are the legal aspects of healthcare?
  3. The impact of nurses shortage in patient care.
  4. Using technology in treatment.
  5. Children and mental problems

Labor and delivery nursing research topics

  1. Describe case studies of positive birth experiences
  2. Midwifery services in rural areas.
  3. How to engage fathers post and prenatal care?
  4. How to handle disabilities during pregnancy?
  5. The significance of midwife services during emergency
  6. How to ensure high hygiene and skincare standards in newborns?

Interesting nursing topics to research

  1. Does Malnutrition treatment help children?
  2. Ways to prevent malnutrition in kids.
  3. What are the major causes of child mortality?
  4. Treating acute coronary syndrome.
  5. What triggers chronic anxiety disorders?
  6. How to Improve oral health in senior patients.

Pediatric nursing research topics

  1. Weight and Obesity management.
  2. How pediatricians increase vaccine rates in their profession?
  3. How to Evaluate a less than 2 months febrile infant?
  4. Discuss rare diseases
  5. What is the role of hospital medicine?
  6. Autism in children.

Psychiatric nursing research topics

  1. Compare disability with depression
  2. How to handle failed suicide cases?
  3. How to care for a family with a young dying relative?
  4. Required qualities of a psychiatric nurse
  5. What is the relationship between lifestyle changes and clinical depression?
  6. The imposter syndrome and social media
  7. Management techniques of post-traumatic disorder.


Are you looking forward to joining the nursing field? Well, make this guide your priority, especially when deciding on the topics.

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